About Us


Ex.t is an Italian design brand for bathroom furniture, accessories and lighting based in Florence An innovative brand which mixes the international vision of its designers with the Italian expertise in the use of techniques and materials; the products are essential, multifunctional and handcrafted by Tuscan family run ateliers with special care and attention to the finer details.

We take care of every step of the production, from the selection and the development to the promotion, managing the entire process with the feminine touch thanks to a staff made up entirely of women.

We do believe in the value of tradition and the power of creativity; our mission is to realize bathroom furniture inspired by the home design world.

Ex.t products are unique pieces with a versatile soul, suitable for many living spaces, which unite the global design trend with our local artisan heritage, made with love to live long.


Made in Italy

Uniqueness of Handcrafted Products

The beautiful Tuscany is our birth place where our artisan roots belong. Florence is our creative hub, the city where we find inspiration to produce our products with passion and attention to details. We have a strong link to our land, it’s in our hearts and we create with this in mind for the world to enjoy. This is our dreamy scenario where our products arise. Designed for the world and manufactured with love in small Tuscan family run ateliers, where time seems to have stopped years ago.


Details are not just accessories, for us they are a trademark, unmistakable signature of our “Made in Italy” craftsmanship. Each product, being the result of artisan manufacturing, is different from any other because of those little details that make its design exclusive and inimitable. Perfect finishing and original in its details. This makes our products unique and uncommon.


Each product is the result of an elaborate process consisting of several steps: from the selection of the best materials to the finest details, through the choice of colours and the artisan manufacturing. A process that develops over time which requires great commitment and passion by our craftsmen. That’s why you have to wait for our products, a small price to pay to have an exclusive artisan made high quality product.


Top quality, traditional materials and craftsmanship are fundamental values for Ex.t. Wood, glazed ceramic, marble and metal to offer a timeless sense of warmth and beauty, products designed and made to last, conceived for both the home and public spaces. Not only manual craftsmanship but also high-tech processes, Ex.t has recently included among its materials, the LivingTech, a composite with high standards of quality that at the same time allows soft forms and tactility, unachievable with a synthetic material so far.