Made in Italy 

The beautiful Tuscany is our birth place where our artisan roots lie. Florence is our creative atelier where we find inspiration to produce our products with passion and attention to the details.A strong link to the territory that we always bring inside – in our artisan heart – everytime we are going to sell our products all over the world. This is our dream scenario where our products arise. Designed for the world and manufactured with love by small tuscan family run ateliers, where time seems to have stopped years ago.


Details are not just accessories, for us they are a trademark. Unmistakable sign of our “Made in Italy” craftsmanship. Each product, being the result of an artisanal manufacturing, is different from any other product for little details that make its design unique and inimitable. Perfect in every finishing and different for its valuable details. This makes our products unique and non-standardized.


Each product is the result of an elaborate process consists of several steps: from the selection of the materials to the finishing of the details, through the choice of colors and the precise artisanal manufacturing. A process that develops in time and requires great commitment and passion by our craftsmen. That's why you have to wait for our products. A small price to pay - that one of waiting - to have a high quality product, unique in its processing.
From the hands of the craftsman directly to those of the buyer, without stops.