Project description

The "shelfshelf": small add-on for standard shelves which are made from approx. 19mm boards . 

  • clipshelf makes a designer item out of each ordinary IKEA Billy. 
  • clipshelf changes your standard white bathroom shelf into a colourful and functional object with space for cosmetics and toiletries
  • clipshelf gives additional space on existing bookshelves 
  • clipshelf gives your favourite books an extra place
  • clipshelf can be fixed on your kitchen cabinet. It gives quick access to herbs and small items even when the cabinet's doors are closed

Vertical mounting on standard row of holes with 32mm distance; horizontal fixing by clipping it onto the shelves.width/ height: ca. 200mm     depth: ca.150mm     powdercoated steel

 Design: !idee / Michael Hilgers