New Collection 2016

Ex.t at Salone del Mobile 2016


This year Ex.t is unveiling two different lines designed by Norm.Architects and designer Sebastian Herkner. Featuring two distinct styles in a rich range of products, the collections hold Ex.t’s core values of craftsmanship, top quality standards, innovation and versatility at their very heart. Ex.t is very proud to renovate its successful collaboration with Danish studio Norm Architects and to welcome the new partnership with the German designer Sebastian Herkner, endorsing the brand’s mission to unite the global design trends with the Tuscan artisan heritage, in order to create bathroom furniture inspired by the home design world and suitable for many living spaces.

Sebastian Herkner Collection

Plateau, the first bathroom collection for German designer Sebastian Herkner, is inspired by the idea of playing and experimenting with shapes and colours, to create a set of products that are stylish as well as useful and versatile. That’s how a sidetracking plateau came up, becoming the stylistic leitmotif for the entire collection. Functional and elegant, this detail is a feature in every piece from the bathtub and washbasin to the mirrors, just as a shadow in movement sets down on different surfaces whilst keeping its shape. A set of tactile lamps called Raso completes the collection giving light and colours to a new concept of bathroom that is continuously blurring its borders with the other spaces.

Norm.Architects Collection

To complete the Stand line, Norm Architects are presenting their second collection for Ex.t. called Frame & Rest, the collection is inspired by bathroom consoles from industrial interiors and mid 20th century Danish design furniture, resulting as a light, airy set of bathroom furniture which can evolve along with your home whilst decorating many different living spaces. The line features a modular system of consoles and furniture, along with an elegant daybed and a pouf suitable for the bathroom and beyond. Embodying a Nordic attitude with the Italian core of traditional craftsmanship, this collection is conceived for a new market which is more and more asking for versatile bathroom furniture.