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Yellow Mood

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Marakita for Ex.t

Save the date: 8 May

For the first time we present an home decor collection in collaboration with the fashion florentine brand Marakita. The collection will be presented during a special event on 8th May: the inauguration of the "Spazio Atelier" - the creative showroom of Marakita in Via Giacomini 17r, Florence. Special Offer is coming. Stay tuned!


New Collection

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We change the look for the 2014: a year rich of new entries and unmissable promotions. Many are the products presented as previews at the FuoriSalone, that will be put on sale progressively on our e-commerce. As many exclusive promotions that will accompany step-by-step their launch.

The list is long and we have to keep in mind the calendar, to not miss any promotion.

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Join our community

During the FuoriSalone, Ex.t will launch a digital project of visual storytelling. The purpose is to engage the customers and all the design enthusiasts in the creation of a digital community of design lovers.
The community will have the official hasthtag #extwishlist and its digital space will be the website extwishlist

If you come in our showroom, don't forget to leave your sign! 


08 - 13 APRIL

Throughout the duration of the Fuorisalone event, the Ex.t showroom in Via Tortona 34 will host a temporary Pop-Up Shop where you will be able to buy a selection of products from the brand, including some of the 2014 collection previews and the exclusive workmanships of Marakita with a special 30% off. All the products in the Pop-Up shop will be purchased in store while the preview will be pre-ordered in advance, taking advantage from the special promotion!


08 - 13 APRIL

Like every year, Ex.t arrives punctually to the appointment of the Fuorisalone event, opening the doors of its showroom to the visitors of the Milan Design Week. In a beautiful location, in the heart of  the fashion design district in Via Tortona 34, Ex.t will present the 2014 collection - unique design creations made in collaboration with emergent international designers.

A lot of Ex.t news for the Fuorisalone event: real new designs signed by many new designers, the beginning of a textile collection, the presentation of the two winning projects of the design competition "What is Missing?" in addition, many re-edition designs of the most iconic and celebrated products from the past collection.

Are you in Milan? Come to visit us!

FLATWORK by Jethro Macey & Jonathan Tibbs


Freestanding stacking shelving characterized by a simple and laconic style. Flatwork is made of natural oak with the back in varnished aluminum, available in different colors. It looks slightly aesthetic but also functional. Furthermore you can rearrange its units, creating different geometric compositions. Flatwork is now available to be purchased on our eshop and, until March 16th, you can get it with an EXTRA 15% OFF!



Ariane März designed Take Off Your Shoes and Jackets keeping in mind the lacking of space that more and more characterize today's homes.  Shoes, jackets, scarves, umbrellas, clothes, towels .... you can storage your everyday objects in any room of your home. The simplicity is the strength of this product: by changing its position  on the wall, up or down, you obtain a new object to satisfy your needs. Take Off Your Shoes and Jackets is now available to be purchased on our eshop and, until February 28th, you can get it with an EXTRA 15% OFF!