Frame is a modular system of bathroom consoles and furniture.  Featuring a straight and minimalist design, it turns as a delicate graphic piece with a Nordic allure. Frame is a flexible system consisting of a number of graphic frames, customisable depending on your needs and with a functional purpose. The main steel structure is designed to accommodate the basin as well as a counter top in various material such as wood, LivingTec®, marble and stone, while the inside allows you to hang a varnished wood cabinet or a drawer for storage. Thanks to its versatility, Frame is a perfect solution for any living space. Brass & bronze finish, smoked oak and Navona travertine are the features chosen to complete the collection along with the classic finish of black matte metal, LivingTec® solid surface and Serena stone. Embodying a Nordic attitude with the Italian core of traditional craftsmanship, the collections are made to meet the needs of a design & interior industry which is always looking for versatile bathroom furniture. Winner of EDIDA prize 2017 for bathroom category.



Small wall mounted structure available as single, double or triple grid in black, brass or bronze finish.


Medium wall mounted structure available as single or double grid in black, brass or bronze finish.


Freestanding structure available as single or double grid in black, brass or bronze finish.

Washbasins and tops

As series washbasins and tops in Livingtec, marble and stone complete the grids turning Frame into a bathroom console or a home piece of furniture depending on needs.

Cabinets & Drawers

The system features cabinets and drawers suitable for each structure. Cut at 45 degrees, the edges give lightness and elegance to the designs, both available in black varnished ash and smoked oak