The bath gets its inspiration from the early metal bathtubs, offering a modern-style interpretation of the earliest tubs from the end of the 1800s and beginning of the 1900s. The traditional feet are presented in wood with a spherical form.


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Fabio Fantolino is a designer architect. He founded his studio in Turin in 2001 and opened a second in Milan in 2014. His projects range from architecture to interior design, residential sector to services, and in recent years he has embraced product designing as a designer or art director, launching a number of partnerships with large companies. The desire to design not only customised project solutions, but also items that may potentially reach everyone, originates from that solid, recognized culture of bespoke design. All his designs feature a strong aspect of identity, arising out of his creative sensitivity and vast knowledge and understanding of international design. Over the years his studio has achieved a balance of trends, designs and techniques, essential ingredients in architecture which measures and mixes on a daily basis to achieve exclusive and exemplary results. Fabio’s services are never screamed but always evenly gauged between aesthetics, customer requirements and his own personal interpretative and design capacity.