Nouveau Freestanding Shower

Freely inspired by the Art Déco of early 20th century Nouveau collection – featuring washansins, containers mirrors and accessories – gets richer in 2020 with new elements: a bathtub and a shower system.
The Nouveau shower system has a strong personality. Like the other elements of the collection, it features clear and asymmetrical geometries as main details. Transforming contrasts into harmony, the system combines the visual lightness of glass and refined colours with the sharp lines of the frame.


100xh220x85 cm

Colours, finishing & style


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Bernhardt-Vella was founded in 2008 by the German designer Ellen Bernhardt and the Italian interior designer Paola Vella. The firm is based in Milan. Their starting point is research as a maieutic process, they take cues that can come from the art world, from the masters of the past as well as from architecture, and from this starting point they create their style, a recognizable style, but always personal.