A collection of washbasins, cabinets, showers, bathtub, mirrors and accessories featuring geometric and sinuous lines. Freely inspired by early 20th century Art Déco, the collection takes refined suggestions from that era and reworks them with the taste and sensitivity of a contemporary perspective.



Wall mounted or a countertop washbasins avaialble in different shapes and sizes, in white or pink LivingTec®.


Round and squared shelves with marble or LivingTec® tops available in brushed brass, bronze or matte black finish.

Cabinets & Drawers

A range of drawers and cabinets to meet different needs of storage and space available in white, light gray, smoaked oak and black with metal handles.

Washbasins and tops

Nouveau washbasins are characterised by asymmetrical shapes with bold edges. They can be wall mounted or a countertop supported by a metal structure and shelves that elegantly defines its shape. The shelves and structure are available in brushed bronze and brass or matt black finishes and can be combined with various accessories wooden drawers or marble tops to offer a functional and complete product.

Cabinets & Drawers

Nouveau cabinets and drawers are conceived to welcome both the washbasins or the tops as well as be set on its own as a piece of furniture. Featuring a soft closing engine, are available in different sizes and colours, refined with a metal handle to match the structures finishings.


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Bernhardt-Vella was founded in 2008 by the German designer Ellen Bernhardt and the Italian interior designer Paola Vella. The firm is based in Milan. Their starting point is research as a maieutic process, they take cues that can come from the art world, from the masters of the past as well as from architecture, and from this starting point they create their style, a recognizable style, but always personal.