Sebastian Herkner


Geleitsstraße 92, D-63067 Offenbach am Main, Germany

Sebastian Herkner for Ex.t

„The bathroom is a place that needs to be lived in at its best. You need comfort, pleasurable furniture as well as handy spaces to place the products and the objects you want to bring with you! The main challenge for me is to keep it light but functional and finely detailed. I think that blurring the boundaries between the bathroom and other living spaces, as the bedroom for example, is a natural evolution in the future of the industry“

Sebastian Herkner

Sebastian Herkner studierte Produktdesign an der HfG in Offenbach am Main, wo er seit 2006 sein Atelier leitet. Zu seinen jüngsten Auszeichnungen gehört der Wallpaper* Design Award 2014, der EDIDA Award als Best International Newcomer 2015. Zudem war er 2016 Ehrengast der IMM Cologne. Dies ist seine erste Kollektion für Ex.t.