Newly renovated Ex.t Flagship store

A space designed to celebrate the icons of the brand, the pieces that have distinguished and made Ex.t identifiable over the years. A path devoted to elevating the design of the Collections, which have always aimed at proposing outstanding pieces for the bathroom environment.
The space in via Tortona, characterized by large volumes, has been divided into alcoves that will house a selection of iconic pieces, organised by collection but without returning a typical idea of ​​the bathroom.
The placement of the pieces is significant and the path is intended to be symbolic and narrative: the entrance is introduced by a curtain, which heralds the beginning of the brand’s history but also acts as a revealing “window” of the new collection. Walking in the space, the various collections follow one another, up to the last room deliberately made accessible only at the end of the path itself and which houses the new collection signed by Bernhardt & Vella and presented during the Design Week. The project is dynamic and faithful to both the past and the future of Ex.t, characterized by a versatility of the spaces which aim to be transformative and adaptable to new changes and the introduction of new collections over time. The main materials are the aluminium wall coverings contrasted with walls in fine-grained lime plaster, the hand-glazed terracotta tiles – in a color palette that goes from coral to neutral tones – the colored cast glass bricks and the fabrics that are used as separating wings of the spaces.